A3:2021 | SQL Injection Advanced (6)| Cycubix Docs

Now it is time for a quiz! It is recommended to do all SQL injection lessons before trying the quiz. Answer all questions correctly to complete the assignment.

1. What is the difference between a prepared statement and a statement?

Option 4: A statement has got values instead of a prepared statement

2. Which one of the following characters is a placeholder for variables?

Option 3:

3. How can prepared statements be faster than statements?

Option 2: Prepared statements are compiled once by the database management system waiting for input and are pre-compiled this way.

4. How can a prepared statement prevent SQL-Injection?

Option 3: Placeholders can prevent that the users input gets attached to the SQL query resulting in a seperation of code and data.

5. What happens if a person with malicious intent writes into a register form :Robert); DROP TABLE Students;-- that has a prepared statement?

Option 4: The database registers 'Robert' ); DROP TABLE Students;--'.

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