A3:2021 | SQL Injection Intro (8) | Cycubix Docs

Severity of SQL injection

The severity of SQL injection attacks is limited by:

  • Attacker’s skill and imagination.

  • Defense in depth countermeasures.

    • Input validation.

    • Least privilege.

  • Database technology.

Not all databases support command chaining:

  • Microsoft Access.

  • MySQL Connector/J and C

  • Oracle

SQL injection is more common in PHP, Classic ASP, Cold Fusion and older languages:

  • Languages that do not provide parameterized query support.

  • Parameterized queries have been added to newer versions.

  • Early adopters of web technology (i.e. Old Code).

Not all databases are equal (SQL Server):

  • Command shell: master.dbo.xp_cmdshell 'cmd.exe dir c:'

  • Registry commands: xp_regread, xp_regdeletekey, …

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