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Try It! Reflected XSS

Identify which field is susceptible to XSS

It is always a good practice to validate all input on the server-side. XSS can occur when unvalidated user input is used in an HTTP response. In a reflected XSS attack, an attacker can craft a URL with the attack script and post it to another website, email it, or otherwise get a victim to click on it.

An easy way to find out if a field is vulnerable to an XSS attack is to use the alert() or console.log() methods. Use one of them to find out which field is vulnerable.


  • The hint provided says "Think about how the inputs are presumably processed by the application.".

  • We can start by positioning in the field of credit card number. Select inspect to open developer tools.

  • Paste after the credit card number the following script:


  • What information send to the application gets reflected back after being submitted?

  • Your purchase will be completed as follow:

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