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Google Chrome Developer Tools

To complete certain assignments, you sometimes may have to look at the JavaScript source code or run a JavaScript command on your own. To do that, Google Chrome has a set of tools that allow you to do that and much more. While these tools are not specific to Google Chrome, almost every modern browser has a bunch of its own. Our introduction will focus on the ones found in Google Chrome. You can, however still use the browser of your choice, like Firefox or Safari, although some steps of this tutorial maybe different for you.

Keep in mind that the following tutorial is not there to teach everything about these tools. This tutorial will only focus on the essential knowledge to complete specific assignments. Also, if you are already familiar with these tools, you can safely skip these lessons.

To get started: open the developer tools. There are multiple ways to open them:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the browser window and select the option "Inspect".

  2. Go to the browser menu (three dots in the top right corner), then go to "More tools" and select the option "Developer tools".

  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I

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