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Welcome to the WebGoat challenge (CTF)


The challenges contain more a CTF like lessons where we do not provide any explanations what you need to do, no hints will be provided. You can use these challenges in a CTF style where you can run WebGoat on one server and all participants can join and hack the challenges. A scoreboard is available at scoreboard

In this CTF you will need to solve a couple of challenges, each challenge will give you a flag which you will need to post in order to gain points.

Flags have the following format: a7179f89-906b-4fec-9d99-f15b796e7208


  • Do not try to hack the competition infrastructure. If you happen to find a bug or vulnerability please send us an e-mail.

  • Play fair, do not try sabotage other competing teams, or in any way hindering the progress of another team.

  • Brute forcing of challenges / flags is not allowed.

Have fun!! Team WebGoat


  • Open ZAP or BurpSuite and intercept the request.

  • Send the request to the Manual Request Editor (ZAP) or the Repeater (BURP).

  • Press send:

  • Change the response from image to text:

  • Submit into WebGoat the corresponding information for username and password:

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