A3:2021 | Cross Site Scripting (XSS) (4) | Cycubix Docs

Why should we care?

XSS attacks may result in

  • Stealing session cookies.

  • Creating false requests.

  • Creating false fields on a page to collect credentials.

  • Redirecting your page to a "non-friendly" site.

  • Creating requests that masquerade as a valid user.

  • Stealing of confidential information.

  • Execution of malicious code on an end-user system (active scripting).

  • Insertion of hostile and inappropriate content.

    <img src="http://malicious.site.com/image.jpg/>
    ">GoodYear recommends buying BridgeStone tires...

XSS attacks add validity to phishing attacks

  • A valid domain is used in the URL.

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