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Data control language is used to create privileges to allow users to access and manipulate the database. Learn more about Data Control Language (DCL) now

Data Control Language (DCL)

Data control language is used to implement access control logic in a database.

DCL can be used to revoke and grant user privileges on database objects such as tables, views, and functions.

If an attacker successfully "injects" DCL type SQL commands into a database, he can violate the confidentiality (using GRANT commands) and availability (using REVOKE commands) of a system. For example, the attacker could grant himself admin privileges on the database or revoke the privileges of the true administrator.

  • DCL commands are used to implement access control on database objects.

  • GRANT - give a user access privileges on database objects

  • REVOKE - withdraw user privileges that were previously given using GRANT

Try to grant rights to the table grant_rights to user unauthorized_user:


  • The GRANT ALL ON command in SQL is used to give all privileges on a specific database object (such as a table, database, or view) to a user or role. This command is part of the Data Control Language (DCL) and is used to manage access control in a database syste

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