CISSP Online Test Bank

All participants to our ISC2 CISSP trainings get a free copy of the ISC2 CISSP Official books.

ISC2 CISSP Official Study Guide

ISC2 CISSP Official Practice Tests

These books come with an online test bank that can be accessed via the Wiley Online Test Bank platform.

Please find below the steps on how to get access to this platform: Create an account on Wiley website To practice in an online testing setting of the same questions, visit
sybextestprep and register to get access to the Wiley Online Test Bank platform. The Online Test Bank allows you to mix questions from the domain chapters and practice exams, take timed tests, and have your answers scored.

1) The first step is to click where it states “here to register"

2) That will take you to the following screen where you need to select the desired book and answer a question related to it. Once you answer the question correctly, you will you receive the email with the PIN to access the test bank related to that book.

3) When you receive the email with the PIN, follow the link within the email or go to

4) Find your product, and click the "Register PIN or Login link” to register your PIN for access.

5) You will be redirected to the Wiley Efficient Learning website as depicted below.

6) Use the code provided in the email to access the product you have registered.


After you complete the steps above, you will have a full year of access to the questions available in the selected book during step 2) on the Wiley Online Test Bank platform. You can track your progress, see where you need more help, and create customised question sets to practice for your exam.

Best of luck!

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