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Download the appropriate Zap OWASP and install Zap on your computer. Zap has installers for Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux. Download ZAP OWAPS and install it now


OWASP ZAP has installers for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS/X. There are also Docker images available on the download site listed below.

Installing ZAP

The first thing to do is install ZAP on the system you intend to perform pentesting on. Download the appropriate installer from the Download page.

Note that ZAP requires Java 8+ in order to run. The Mac OS/X installer includes an appropriate version of Java but you must install Java 8+ separately for Windows, Linux, and Cross-Platform versions. The Docker versions do not require you to install Java.

Once the installation is complete, launch ZAP and read the license terms. Click Agree if you accept the terms, and ZAP will finish installing, then ZAP will automatically start.

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